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Leveling the Playing Field for Smaller Sales Teams

Let’s face it, it’s tough to compete with the big boys in your channel! Rather it be face-to-face meeting in person (which is declining) or via Zoom, Teams, BlueJeans, (which is increasing), smaller sales teams are at a huge disadvantage. Even if they are lucky enough to have an incredibly well attended webinar, the follow-up is daunting. That being said, everyone is striving for automated and AI solutions, but that can be cold, out of sync, just not quite good enough, expensive, although still helpful, and over time will hit the mark.

There are certainly undeniable benefits to online or in-person live meetings! So without going into the nuances of the value of those live meetings, the question is how can you add value before or after the live meetings? How can we level the playing field? How can you ultimately increase customer reach with the resources we have to drive value, giving smaller teams the ability to compete but still be personal in the approach?

To level the playing field, you will need 5 things:

  1. Solid video content that memorializes your value proposition by product or service

  2. A seamless way to distribute targeted videos based on customer need in advance of a meeting or primarily as a follow-up to the live meetings

  3. Supporting documents that help tell the rest of the story about each product or service

  4. Actionable analytics so the smaller teams know where to spend their time on follow-ups

  5. Very easy way for the customer to consume your information quickly and easily

Affordable video creation is available through a host of tools, but the best in class for the cost is You will also need a video platform that lets you distribute multiple videos with supporting collateral along with channel partner branding when needed and more. I’m not talking about a destination like YouTube or Vimeo, I’m talking about putting the power directly in the rep's hands, so they can select the right videos for that customer, email the client with a personal note. You can achieve all of this and more with the Video Marketing Center. This blended approach is personal and the company knows the message is delivered perfectly.

The ability to combine video production and distribution helps smaller sales teams scale, allowing them to have one platform to cost effectively create video and with a few clicks, distribute unlimited videos with a link or a one-click QR code generator. This allows selling teams to reach more buyers digitally with a consistent message while collecting tangible analytics by asset!

This levels the playing field by allowing your company to reach more customers and prospects with a personal touch!

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