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Your Global/Local
Go-To-Market Channel Sales Enablement Platform

Make it easy for your customers to learn about all of your products with our video distribution plaform.


Deliver a consistent branded message, increase your customer reach, enable external selling partners, improve engagement and gather customer insights seamlessly in one platform.

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Do any of these issues exist in your business?

If so, you have come to the right place!

Every business experiences pain points. Our Video Marketing Center is an easy to use platform designed to streamline communications for direct selling efforts, enabling distributors and channel partners, delivering robust marketing and advertising, efficiently training external audiences and perfect for internal corporate communications!

Trouble Staying Top Of Mind
Unprepared, Non-Productive Reps
Need To Increase Customer Reach
Need efficient  way to deliver a consistent message to end buyers
Need effective way to train your Distributors & Channel Partners
Can’t Verify
Return On 
Marketing investment
Struggle to get Distributors & Channel Partners To Sell Your  Products


Helping Distributors, Channel Partners & Marketers THRIVE

An on-demand video marketing platform to increase your customer reach

Making an immediate impact for Direct Sales, Channel Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Training and Internal Communications! 


Stay Top Of Mind

When you sell through distributors or channel partners staying top of mind is not only hard its expensive. The VMC allows you to cost effectively co-brand with your partners enabling them to send your products to the end buyers, making it easy for them to sell your products! Empowering your channel partners to be successful leads to a solid long term partnership!


Deliver Consistent Messaging

We have become a video culture, businesses are adapting with over 87% reporting they are increasing their video budget in 2022. Why? Because video is the best way to deliver a consistent message. The VMC is the most robust video delivery platform enabling your team to send out videos based on customer need, not hoping they go to your YouTube channel.


Increase Rep Productivity

The VMC makes it easy for your reps to send out multiple products with a few clicks saving them significant time. When the video is loaded the team adds marketing collateral to ride with that video. The reps just have to focus on what are the best products to send, and with a couple of clicks the rep is sending a totally organized digital package full of videos and collateral. The best part is getting all of the great analytic on what was viewed!


Simplify Sales Training

The VMC has an integrated quiz builder. You can dynamically add a micro-training quiz to the end of any video. The recipient watches the video, enters their name, email and company name, takes the quiz and the results are all tracked in the dashboard. This is especially effective when you need to train your distributor and channel partner reps!


Increase Customer Reach

The VMC allows you to create video based campaigns on the fly. Working with your marketing automation team for mass distribution or co-branding with your distributors and channel partners to send to their customers will extend your reach and deliver a consistent message that is fully tracked!


Train and educate your Internal Teams and your Distributor & Channel Partner Reps on YOUR products so you can grow YOUR business.

It's important to guard against wasting marketing dollars on unproductive Distributor and Channel Partners. The VMC micro-training module makes it easy to prepare those partner reps making sure they are trained and up to date on all of your products.

The problem is reps are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of products and information to learn, leaving manufacturers struggling to stay “top of mind” and frustrated with stagnant sales and wasted marketing expense.


The VMC was developed to address this exact problem for a fortune 500 manufacturer!

Laptop Screen_edited.png
VMC Process

Here’s How We Do It


Platform Solution Demonstration

Sign up for a demo today and see how easy it will be for you to transform your company to adapt to a digital selling world!

Pick a plan

Pick a Plan That Fits Your Needs

With plans as little as $199 per month thru Enterprise packages. Not sure which is right for you? Contact us and we will figure it out together!


Meet Your Success Manager

Every VMC customer will be assigned a customer success manager to not only show you how to use it but maximize the value strategically!

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Enjoy Greater
Peace of Mind

It is so easy to use, your teams will be more efficient, more effective, and you will get the analytics you have been craving!

Request a demo today and see how easy it will be to transform your company to adapt to a digital selling world!

Where years of industry experience meets innovation

  • We built the solution for companies that sell direct and thru Distributors and Channel partners.

  • VMC is based on customer feedback from companies who were experiencing sales, marketing and training problems.

  • We UNDERSTAND your challenges.

  • Let us help!

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How to streamline communications in a fragmented supply chain.

Gennaro Luce
em2p2: CEO

The VMC is an easy to use platform that our direct selling team utilizes daily to promote and sell our software and train our customers. Our marketing and advertising team uses it to market our medical cannabis savings card as well. This all-in-one video distribution platform helps us reduce cost and save time, allowing us to generate revenue faster!


Tracy Mulqueen
FEDA: President & CEO

The Video Marketing Center (VMC) is one of the smartest and most practical tools I’ve ever used. The VMC helps our members accomplish customer recruitment and retention goals, as well as keep sales teams trained on new and existing products. It’s also easy for anyone to use, so no worries about incorporating complex technology into your operation. I can’t recommend it enough, especially for trade associations interested in providing direct sales and training support to member companies and their employees.


Jon Zeit
NSF Now: Partner

We work with artists and we use the Video Marketing Center to manage our clients' electronic press kits. This has really streamlined how we market each client. We are now able to send multiple videos and articles in one link which is a huge timesaver. The analytics we get verifying the reach for each artist is invaluable to our efforts. Bottomline, the VMC has allowed us to improve the way we promote our artist!

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