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Empowering All Industries

Premium on-demand video and document delivery platform that makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to distribute customer focused campaigns all in one platform. VMC is the ultimate solution to increase customer reach by delivering a consistent message while driving more sales verified by analytics.

An on-demand video marketing platform to enhance your industry presence


The VMC enables manufacturers to deliver a consistent message through the fragmented supply chain by delivering a consistent message, increasing customer reach by enabling manufacturer reps, brokers, distributors to easily sell their products with their own co-branded VMC full of your products!

Car Factory


One platform to help associations generate new revenue by selling video marketing and advertising programs. Provides new opportunities for sponsors to reach your members with dynamic video messaging. This platform is also driving non-dues revenue with the VMC partner program!

Image by KOBU Agency


VMC enables Colleges and University Admissions Reps to easily send  videos and collateral about program specific, student life, athletics, parental, scholarship, financial aid and internship opportunity directly to High School Counselors. Deliver a consistent message and gather deep analytics showing what your future students are interested in.

Education Industry

Marketing Agencies

If you are a B2B agency then you want to offer the VMC. Not only will it make your customers more successful, it will also generate new revenue opportunities for your agency. Contact us to learn more about our agency partner program.



The VMC will not only train your DSR's on the vast amount of supplier products, it makes it easy for them to cross-sell and bundle a suite of products to your end buyers. This approach is proactive, puts you on the cutting edge as a solutions provider, not just an order taker. It also makes your DSR's more effective and helps the new and experienced reps sell more!


Group Purchasing Organizations

The VMC is the ultimate tool in generating supplier engagement. The platform is designed to make it easy to for you to promote across category, by day-part, announce new products or brand your larger members. This will increase your customer reach and reduce your email velocity,  providing way more value than just delivering another PDF. The analytics are fantastic and will help you understand what your members care about!


Software Companies

If your company sells thru channel partners then the VMC will help you scale your business. The VMC enables your channel partners to send out your core videos articulating the value of your software. You get analytics by channel partner -- this way you know which ones are performing and are worth the marketing investment!

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