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Driving Success In Multiple Ways

The world has accepted digital selling with Live meetings being the norm. It is predicted by Gartner that 77% of all selling will be done in digital selling rooms within 5 years. The VMC is leading the way with multiple use cases for on-demand video selling layered with logical functionality to help companies make it easy for companies to do business with them.

One Platform with many uses. Drive revenue, increase engagement, gain insights and cut costs!

Sales teams log into their VMC and with a few clicks select which product videos they want to email to their prospects or customers. The reps can see what products were viewed and which collateral was downloaded. This makes it easy for new and experienced reps to sell all of your products and services more efficiently!

Direct Sales

When selling thru channel partners, it's important to make it easy. The VMC does just that by allowing you to co-brand with your partners, staying top on mind. You can even give your channel partners full access to all or your videos and collateral enabling them to drive your revenue and the analytics give you insights into which partner is performing!

Channel Sales Enablement

With the VMC, marketing teams create campaigns, generate one link, drop it into their marketing automation platform, one click QR Code generator, add surveys and polling to the end of videos collecting customer feedback. With the HTML5 Code, embed a campaign on a website. Receive robust analytics to analyze to refine marketing approaches!


When it comes to video advertising you typically get to serve a video, or you think of Vimeo or YouTube, it's kind of video-for-the-sake-of-video. Our VMC allows you to deliver an incredibly robust ad unit that includes multiple videos, links, contact info, lead forms, promotional banners and collateral. The VMC gives you the opportunity to drive significant engagement with deep analytics, This is truly a premium ad unit!


The VMC platform allows you to use easily implement training with our integrated micro-training quiz builder. You have the flexibility to add a quiz to any series of videos. The results are all tracked in your dashboard on who took the training and if they passed. You can also send this training out to your channel partner reps to train them. With the VMC you do not need an expensive LMS system it's all ready integrated in your subscription!


The VMC makes it easy for your team to communicate and track key initiatives when sending out a VMC campaign. You execute employee surveys, polls, deliver new operational processes, it's fast and efficient! We even have an easy and affordable video creation tool in the VMC dashboard so your team can create videos very cost effectively and easily send them out to employees!

Corporate Communications

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