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Fabulous Features

One easy-to-use video distribution platform with integrated functionality that makes it easy for your customers to learn about all of your products.


VMC Platform Features

upload arrow.png

Upload unlimited videos

attach docs-01.png

Attach up to 4 documents per video

quizzes green.png

Add micro-training quizzes to the end of each video

checks screen.png

Add a survey to the end of each video

poll results- green-01.png

Add a poll to each video

download papers.png

Add the ability download a whitepaper to each video

QR code.png

Simultaneously generate a unique link, QR code, and web code for multiple forms of distribution


Upload multiple video formats

logo icon.png

Your VMC is white-labeled with your brand


Add unlimited co-branding for your distributors and channel partners


Add co-branded distributors and channel partners website, contact info, and up to 4 documents per partner

message money.png

Version your VMC to enable your partners to send out your product videos and documents themselves - Enterprise Plan Only

message info.png

Add promotional banner per video

lead gen geeen.png

Add a lead generation form, optional for each campaign

attach docs.png

Enable dynamic links to purchase, or drive back to your website

analytics B.png

Extensive Analytics by User, Campaign, Asset, and Total Network


Unlimited Video Libraries to organize all your content


Video Creation Tool w/ Moovly - learn more

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