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From bar napkin to revenue

Our team is innovative, not afraid to take risk, but most importantly we listen. The platform we developed has been based 100% on customer input and need.


The Video Marketing Center (VMC) concept was pitched on a Bar Napkin to a fortune 500 manufacturer in the food industry. After many meetings identifying customer pain points, the VMC was launched.  Our goal was to develop a platform that makes it easy for companies and organizations to communicate and deliver a consistent, branded message via multiple videos, make it easy for them to increase their customer reach, make their distributors and channel partners successful, gather great insight data with our micro-training, surveys and polling features and overall analytics that we capture.


The VMC has now been rocketed to the forefront of digital selling because of the pandemic. When you think of digital selling the first thing that comes to mind is Zoom, Teams, Web-X, Go-To-Meeting, Ring Central, and so on. Reality is not everyone can attend live meetings. We fill the gap needed for on-demand video distribution. This key follow up is used for pre & post-meeting, marketing, advertising, internal corporate communications and more.

Please explore all of our dynamic features and you will see that the all in one VMC platform will make your team significantly more efficient and you will cut your selling, training and marketing cost across your enterprise, and if you are selling thru distributors and channel partners, you will increase sales and significantly reduce your marketing spend.


The Video Marketing Center is a product of VMC Global, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

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