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What does it mean to do Video Marketing?

The concept of Video Marketing has become very broad with digital proliferation across multiple platforms. I do not believe anyone will dispute that we have become video culture. The facts are that the average person consumes 6.8 hours of online video content per week according to We really have 3 primary parts that have converged for businesses.

  1. What type of video should I create?

  2. Where do I advertise with video?

  3. How can I use it for business functionality such as sales, training, or internal communications?

So let’s address Video Creation. In the past this was a very expensive process, with lights, camera, action and this higher end professionally produced is still needed or desired in certain sectors. When businesses need it or can afford it is still very powerful. However, the overall expectations have shifted to clear communication, meaning get to the point and don’t waste my time!!! This can be as simple as whiteboard videos, explainer videos, simple webcam talking videos, voice over on images etc. As you can imagine this has opened the door for scalable platforms like that simplifies video production with online tools to create a host of very affordable multi-lingual video options. Then there are very targeted solution like Bomb Bomb or Loom for one to one marketing using your webcam. These tend to be used for direct selling and can be very effective but reasonably limiting.

Once you have video where do you advertise? For B2B online platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn are the go to platforms for businesses or on mobile devices. However, it is not a bad idea to distribute your videos on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok after all your B2B customers are consumers also.

How do I maximize the use the videos I’ve created for my business? First it is important to change the mindset of: Go to my YouTube channel or I put my YouTube or Vimeo links in my marketing automation platform. To be fair, this has been the most common options. There is a major trend in B2B such as go to my Partner Portal, or I have a Digital Selling Room, but as it relates to Video they default back to YouTube and Video links. And yes of course post video on your website. All of these provide basic analytics but not much in terms of real value but it really about all you have available.

There is a better way to leverage video marketing. A video platform that allows you take a proactive approach to promoting your business with easy to use video distribution features, integrated video creation tools, allowing you to add collateral to each video, add as survey or a poll, and gather very detailed analytics that are specific to your sales and marketing efforts. The platform is used as a sales tool for direct and indirect sales partners, internal and external training, advertising, internal corporate communications and e-commerce.

The platform is -- easy to use and lets you distribute your videos to specific audiences and drive revenue delivering detailed analytics!

To summarize, video marketing needs to be part of your strategy. I just encourage you to change the normal mind set of come to my website, or go to YouTube or Vimeo channel. Find tools that allow you to be proactive and gather great analytics so you can maximize the investment you made to create those beautiful videos.

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