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GEN Z Buyers

For B2B, Gen Z Buyers Do Not Want to Speak to Sales Reps unless it is absolutely necessary. They consume information so quickly it is almost hard to comprehend. The are technologically advanced and prefer seeing videos over reading. They have grown up in a video culture. It is how they often communicate, rather it be Instagram, Snap, X, YouTube, Facetime, or sometimes Facebook. They are very good at researching their options and form solid opinions before they make a decision to even speak to a rep.

So, it is important to be ready for the buyers of the future. It is important to communicate via video to this audience in particular. Over 86% of all businesses are creating some videos. The cost to create videos has dropped significantly with AI tools like Moovly and others. Even simple iPhone-created videos can be more than sufficient. The days of high-end lights / camera / action are still being produced and are beautiful but not always necessary. Let's not forget Content is Still King!

Creating content is not enough. It is important to distribute and market the content to drive sales. Video Marketing is the catch-all phrase. When you hear this, most companies are referring to creating videos. Some talk about their marketing automation platform or social media placement and YouTube efforts.

This is where the Video Marketing Center takes Video Marketing and Distribution to the next level. We have very inexpensive video creation tools, the ability to quickly select multiple videos that have associated collateral by video, along with many other features. Once the multi-video campaign is published it can be distributed in 3 ways: Via Link, QR Code and WebCode....

Let's focus on the WebCode with the VMC VALUE being the way we make it so easy to engage and consume the information so quickly. This is right to the heart of a GEN Z'ER! We call this the VMC BUYERS GUIDE EXPERIENCE: Rather than write about it, check out a live example on what we have done for a client called DMA DELIVERS -- Pay attention to how easy it is to view all of the content in one experience or ONE FRAME without leaving the website!

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