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3 Keys to Creating Videos that SELL

There are video creation tools that allow you to personalize one-to-one videos. This is very nice to have available for your sales teams. The reality is not all reps are comfortable being on camera but for those who are, this can be very effective. As an organization you will have the challenge of making sure your reps are well trained to record and deliver personalized messages that are spot-on and represent the company brand. If done well, you can connect with the client in a meaningful way.

Most companies create on-demand video around their products, services, training and internal communications. These videos tend to be white board videos, explainer videos, branding videos, talking head videos, simple videos shot with your cell phone (deemed as authentic), and higher end videos what I like to call ”Lights, Camera, Action” (on location and expensive).

It is important to recognize any and all of these video styles and approaches are valuable. Having video available to help scale your business is absolutely necessary to compete in today’s era of digital selling.

So, what type of video should you create to maximize digital selling? You need a video that is solid in copy, style, and approach.

  1. Sell in your video! This is the new way of buyers make their decisions.

  2. Connect with them! Make them to feel connected to you and your brand, but more importantly -- you want them to clearly understand your offering.

  3. Get them to purchase! Educate them, ask them to buy, and make sure they remember you when they are ready to buy.

There tends to be a disconnect between the marketing/brand teams and the sales teams. If you think about it, you are face-to-face with the client/prospects when they are looking at your videos on their laptop or their phone. This is your chance to connect, be memorable, and get them to act.

So I strongly recommend that your content be created with the understanding that you are standing directly in front of the buyer. Write the copy as if your company/sales rep is talking directly to that person. Address the typical concerns that you would on a sales call. When the video ends you want the buyer to go, “I think this product/service can really help our company.”

Most videos are written with a broader overview to address the general offering -- a little music, great voice over, and you feel good about it because it’s your product/service/company and you should. But let’s face it, we are all too close to our own products. Try to keep these videos short -- between 1 to 2 minutes. However, if you have clear and concise information that is valuable it really doesn’t matter how long it is. Admittedly, I will be redoing our videos as well because I’ve made the same mistakes.

Don’t make the buyer work to come to their own conclusion as to what value your product/service brings to the party . . . just tell them and you will drive more revenue. This approach is becoming necessary because right now 43% of buyers do not want to speak to a rep, but they will do extensive research. By putting your best sales foot forward with on-demand video you will give yourself a fantastic chance to scale your business.

Bottomline, do not be afraid to create videos to sell your products or service because if you’re being honest, that is what you are trying to do anyway!

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