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Why embracing a Digital Selling Strategy is necessary to your long term success!

Digital selling is not just about selecting a CRM, hosting webinars, having one to one live meetings, or marketing automation amongst many others. The real driver of digital selling has to do with the shift in the buyers preferences and behaviors. According to Gartner, as of 2022, an overall average of 43% of Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial customers prefer a rep-free experience.

This is a trend that is only going to increase. Buyers want to do their research, be well prepared and only rely on sales reps if required later in the buying process. In addition, Digital Commerce through the buyer journey is on rapidly increasing making it necessary to find digital methodologies to educate buyers during their research journey.

According to Gartner by the end of 2023, the total number of B2B digital commerce transactions is expected to overtake the total number of B2B direct sales transactions. Time to take a hard strategic look at how you are going to market!

The Video Marketing Center (VMC) is an on-demand video sales engagement platform that is ideal for you the seller to educate buyers that want to research various products and services in advance of speaking to a rep. This easy to use platform adds value to direct sales, channel sales and enhances higher ticket items that can be purchased online with videos and collateral to educate buyers before they make a decision. The VMC is fast and easy to implement and will generate deep analytics so you really know which products your online customers are researching.

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